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Исполнитель: The Qemists

Композиция: Dem Na Like Me (feat. Wiley)

Длительность mp3: 04:37

Добавлено: 2016-09-09

Просмотры: 554


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Текст песни:

Dem na like me
And me na like them
Dem are are me enemy
Dem aren't ma friend (x7)

Dem na like me
And me na like them

(the qemists yo, listen)
I aint one of them boys from the past who aint got the answer
I got the answer
Dance round pricks wanna flow like a dancer
Gangsters put in your crew
There's no drugs
And I won't take yes for the answer
When shots fly you'll be jumpin' like an irish dancer
My name's skemo
So class-ey like eno
Troublemaker like reno

Yo, everything seems cloudy
Everything dropped in the game cause I'm rowdy
Carry on I will take a hammer to your Audi
I met a soldier from Saudi
Not that rowdy
Wanna see D try and how me
Cause next week and you still aint ground me
The phone starts ringing when a drive thru grounds me
Where's lethal he aint in boundary

(Chorus x3)

Dem Na like me
And me na like them

It comes obvious the older you get you can see clearer
They say that they know the hood
we can't hear ya
travel on the boarders
they won't dare to come nearer
Standin outside the offie
we don't fear ya

Go on fam I dare ya
See em on the stage yo the crowd don't care
ya ask if I care fam
never been a carer
go in a lambourghini not a new alpha brera

(Chorus x3)

Dem Na like me
And me na like them

They can't take it
it sounds too life
We aint like them
they stuck in two five
eskiboy and the girls get some new vibes
searchin for a force vibe
but we got the true vibe
keep telling them
Aint worth hatin us
cause you're only gonna end up ratin us
sometimes in music we don't even do vibes
true vibes, light rhymes, club lines

I was in the club with amy and sarah
they was poppin' pills
I was smokin Jack hera
God I'm sorry I'm a drug money barer
shotting shank nasty white in my area
don't touch it you'll feel like you got kainro
I smoke weed but I know about kano
Couldn't help it came back just for the same flow
I said don't touch it
it'll make your blain blow

(Chorus x3)

Dem na like me
And me na like them

(Chorus x4)

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