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Исполнитель: Kicka

Композиция: Nice Try(ZaShkaffom Rec)

Длительность mp3: 03:57

Добавлено: 2015-07-18

Просмотры: 616


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Текст песни:


A go drink Guinness chop bita kola
Tell da ga say when a come a go show yi
Aginess abeg gimme more soya,
me a di buyam and a di payam
Bills up bills down life so funny
See how things change when you getting more money
When a buy sep abeg keep change, but you go di countam coz you go pay me
Goody goody no di pay true true no di work,
We all know girls gon ride with the winner, before the dealer
Then cloths buyer house rent payer, sugar daddy player
Me a be the guy she come for the sex
Nothing a di pay coz a bi the winner
Check in check out who you think a be?
Phone always ringing no be say a busy ….


they don try they don try
they don try they don try
they don try they don try
they don try they don try
nice try....
nice try....
nice try....
nice try....

Every morning me a go di thank ma God
Go for church a don pay ma ties
See no be mop Jesus di sweet
Who no know nay a no know
Getting ma strain from the weak a guess
Surviving is what it takes to be a man
Don’t judge me, no judge me
Don’t judge me, you be God
Coz you got a little now, thinking that you made it
Na so they go talk, yes na ma little
Go make ya own little by little
Happy seeing every black man getting money but the funny thing is that they ain’t happy seeing you,
No care, careless
Nonsense, senseless
a no di fear, fearless …


bottle for ma hand cigar a di smoke
money a di count time no dey
shoes fit me ohboy a di buyam
girl like me ohboy a go chat tam
ntohing so real but a dick that fits
step up on the scene like i need dem ass trip
so damn real if not i guess fake
massa talk sense if not abeg moff
chop like fowl wipe mop for ground
wuna don try no be lie it's not enough
now you di shine eye di look me
me a don done call me ton ton
eye no di shoot beef eye no di cook meat
elementary men me i'm still stuntin we first we first
i got the red button na elephant meat any man take share ..


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