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Исполнитель: Innerpartysystem

Композиция: American Trash

Длительность mp3: 04:50

Добавлено: 2015-12-09

Просмотры: 776


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Текст песни:

I've got this planet in my hands.
You know I'll waste it if I can.
Come on let's give it a twist
and if it all turns to shit
Oh wait, let's try that again.

My life's too short to have a plan
Here, let me help you understand
First take this drink and this pill
relax your mind and be still
Let's find out who I am
Cause I,
I'm just American Trash
Stupid American Trash

I've got this planet in my hands
I'll start to save it if I can
I'm satisfied with myself
don't care for anyone else
I'm so united when I stand
I get my facts from the TV
Believe in everything I read

It's such an ignorant bliss
when the whole fucking world wants to be
like me
Cause I,
I'm just American Trash.
Stupid American Trash.

And everyone is shutting down
the people all so worn out
Wake up, the dream is over
Wake up, the dream is over.
Cause I,
I'm just American trash.
Stupid American Trash.

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