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Исполнитель: HUMAN DEVICE

Композиция: Universe Downfall (Oleg Izotov guest solo)

Длительность mp3: 04:11

Добавлено: 2015-12-10

Просмотры: 554


Текст песни:

Bounded by fear, you're trapped inside nightmarish dreams
And in these frightful dreams strange worlds collapse
Confusing thoughts and all your sharpened senses
Give them away and don't pray for mercy

Rely on me, rely on me
You are alone, you are alone, you are alone!

You are alone between these shades made of pain
And nothing can help you to run away from this depths

Between your shattered mind obscurity is woven
Your soul is tortured and nearly burned to ash
You feel how wicked one is corrupting your nature
But you're not scared of his satanic majesty

You may become now the one you have always feared of
Destruct the universe and leave no life behind
Like a fiery hurricane slip above the earth

Make them suffer
Rely on me, rely on me, rely on me!!!

You are alone
Between these ruins
Burn it all down
Burn it to ashes

Let your voice strike like deadly scourge
The spark of rage will become a lethal flash
You have realized your way, there's no turning back
Destroy! Destroy, leave no hope

Strange worlds collapse

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