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Исполнитель: "Game of Thrones" Rap Battle

Композиция: Партия Джона Сноу

Длительность mp3: 00:41

Добавлено: 2016-10-07

Просмотры: 676


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Текст песни:

SAMWELL: Um, hello. We’ve got a bit of a problem at the Wall.
It’s... It’s a bit nippy... and...
JON SNOW: This fuckin’ Whitewalkers!
Shit’s crazy, I’m freezin’ to death with Thieves and rapers,
Had to swear off sex if I could take it back, I’d take the black
Shove it up Craster’s ass, but it’s too late for that,
With zombies surgin’ south.

SAMWELL: I’m out.
JON SNOW: I’m gonna die a virgin now,
But wo-day, they was a wild woman took me into a cave, got undressed
SAMWELL: You saw breasts?
JON SNOW: Yeah, and we had... Cave sex!
SAMWELL: Cave sex?
JON SNOW: Yeah, cave sex!
SAMWELL: You knew where to put it!
JON SNOW: Oh, cave sex!
SAMWELL: I forgot to send the ravens.
JON SNOW: I’m havin’ cave sex!
SAMWELL: Cave sex!

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