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Исполнитель: Triangle Sun

Композиция: Upside Down

Длительность mp3: 03:18

Добавлено: 2015-12-12

Просмотры: 397


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Текст песни:

In the night
Two tiny lights
Shining from the midnight skies
Into your eyes
They are so far

Heaven’s blue
One moon for two,
Drifting in the Milky Way

To the break of day
Just like me and you

I'm Turning upside down
You're standing on the ground
Two happy distant planets
In their love were found
But the millions stars around
Will never meet each other

Turning upside down
In a cosmic sound
We gonna live forever
Eternal home we’ve found
We’re Turning upside down
In the space of our heart

Feel no pain
Under the meteor rain
In spite the power of black holes
If I will fall
You're holding me

Shining bright
Beyond the night
Like diamonds in the morning light
We're melting ice
Of the universe

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