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Исполнитель: To See You Broken

Композиция: Purchasing An Image

Длительность mp3: 02:32

Добавлено: 2015-06-06

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Purchasing An Image

Kept powerless trying to fit the mold they cast for us. Struggling for an image that cannot exist. Buying ever-changing ever-enhancing products won't make me feel whole inside- won't make me look like the model on the cover. This shit can't fill a need that never existed. How can we escape the in-securities they create? How can we escape their lies? Our fear: That without the perfect body we'll never find acceptance or love. Conforming to their standards only propagates the lies. So while we fight ourselves, feeling hopeless and imperfect, we force out anxiety on others by labeling them as well. I won't fall a victim to this game. Mybody won't be bought or sold. Don't force me to play into their hands. I won't judge you by mainstream rules. We have to force open blinded eyes. Stand up agains the deceitful standards. My worth is not based on a mutable exterior. I'll never attain perfection developed by image industries, fuck their standards.

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