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Исполнитель: Tayyib Ali

Композиция: Tomorrow

Длительность mp3: 03:26

Добавлено: 2015-11-19

Просмотры: 568


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Текст песни:

It's been a while since I set back and wrote it
But after keystone state of mind that's why I'm fully devoted
And my mind is open, cause I'm seeing new things
And every day I wake up, it's like I'm in a new state
But it's nice out here so I ain't mind it all
Ain't talking to her, no time ain't all
Climbing real high, I know that I won't fall
Put my whole life in and my back against the wall!
And lately it's been a lot on my mind
But the hardest thing is to say what I got on my mind
I know it's my time, cause I shine brighter than the Rolex watch
And I came from a low class block
Oh, that's dreams and gold, you all witness it
Turn vicious here and the business is
With the whole world chanting
And at least somebody understand it, I'm looking for answers!

And now I got a couple more shows
And a couple more things to do (things to do)
Spend the life on the road, alone, I still think of you
I'm busy working for tomorrow, yeah
We're all working for tomorrow!

Uh, uh, tomorrow ain't promised though
So I can care less about your diamonds
I'm getting mind from shows
I remember a fan
Just had hard surgery and it stuck out to me
He said, I don't know if I'mma live long
But I'm your number one fan and your music
Help me through it all!
Since day one, know you're getting chased in the mall
Living my vision, everything that I saw
Back then, when ain't nobody believe that I was born
What you felt to achieve
We're all equal, we can do the unbelievable
You hear me through these speakers, but it's real, real!
It's how I feel, I don't even want a mil
I don't even want a deal man, I just wanna chill!
I'm still chasing paper though, I gotta provide
I'm getting high, we're just trying to survive!


Uh, young boss man
Trying to get it and I don't care what the cost says
Ride with me and guarantee we be flossing
I know why I don't be coming around that often
But I just want to let you know
That I'm working on the next day
And I just found the words to say
So I pick up the phone and let it ring
But then I'm gone before you answer again

Hook: (x2)

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