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Исполнитель: Sushy feat. Roachie

Композиция: Nerdy Boy (Radio Edit)

Длительность mp3: 02:16

Добавлено: 2015-12-13

Просмотры: 323


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Текст песни:

(Verse: Sushy)
Tell me boy, you get my girl on a private love?
Every single day, yeah
And the place for the game were so above,
I ain’t have enough to wait
Or you just wanna last cuz girls just shine like a miracle
Hopping and change the change
It’s so alone, lost and cold, it will get it on,
Only to be kissed on day

I can see you, you can see me and I’ll do it
I can hear you, you can hear me calling your name
What I’ll give you, what I’ll give you, more I would take
I can feel you, you can feel me, let me just say

Your love is better and my body can dance
You’re the vision that I see
You sound from Heaven and your body’s awake
Keep me feeling, tonight is right
You gotta come x 2
You gotta come here you lil boy x 2
Tell me boy, boy, you lil boy
Boy, tell me boy, boy
Boy, come here from where you are

(Verse: Sushy)
Sais your girl, you my boy, get perfect so
Every breath you take
As you place in this game, (?)
So we gotta keep the fame
Living our life or tryin’ getting on and forever low
Praying for a house who breaks
She doesn’t know how is love but she let it all happen,
This is on the way
I can see it, you can see it, run on our way
I can hear you, you can hear me calling your name
What I give you, what I give you, more I will take
I can feel you, you can feel me
Hands in the air


(Verse: Roachie)
Drumin’ in, drumin’ in, drumin‘ in hour x 2
If you putting down right here
Come and pull up right here
Dog will bang all and might be
Girl you must be the cure and the remedy
Girl I’m only lovin’ all you got
Lovin’ all you got, it’s only esteem and hot
Hot super and hot fresh up bout
Give it to me Sushy
Hit me one time, so she will go up and down
Might spall it all
Girl you can’t just leave me behind
I wanna see your body cuz soon you’ll be mine

(Bridge) + (Hook)

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