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Исполнитель: Sol Seppy

Композиция: Enter One

Длительность mp3: 06:02

Добавлено: 2015-12-11

Просмотры: 337


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Текст песни:

After a storm
I want to be brave
And keep you warm
And not fade away
As we float from the shore
Into the light
Into the unknown
Like thousands of lanterns
Glowing with grace
In glorious silence
Descending through space
To a friend
A sister in need
Who is not alone
And they are surrounding her
And they will enfold her outstretched hand
In our love

Into the light
It's hard to believe
It's always been ours to give
And to receive
I want to be shameless like the sun
Moving into you
Entering light

Inch'Allah, Inch'Allah
Enter one amazing grace is pouring down
Fear not this light
We are of this light divine
So come
We move as one
Amazing grace is pouring down
Fear not this light
We are on this light divine
Enter one

After a storm
I wanna let go
Of the things that I

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