Шекта хах - клип шекта

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Исполнитель: Шекта

Композиция: хах

Длительность mp3: 03:44

Добавлено: 2016-01-29

Просмотры: 446


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Текст песни:

Par-par-par...par-par-party rock L-M-F-A-O
Shake that (x2)
Move that
Shake that

We like to party rock and we came to lose control

Shake that

Came to keep the party people dancing cuz we (L-M-F-A-O)

Well Im Redfoo & Im Sky Blu & we brought some friends along (Shake that)
Young Boss Kenvin Rudolf & Pitbull they gon' help you sing this song

I love just who you are,
I ain't gon try to change ya
You are a shooting star
Thats why you are my favorite

I caught her when she fell from heaven,
One to ten, baby girl's an eleven
And I ain't tryin to spit no game
But I'm tryin to figure out from where you came
Because a star like hers,
Man, it rarely occurs in a world like this

Only way you ever meet a girl like this
Get up in a spaceship and take that trip
We kinda have a way with words
We even start a convo to get at her
Every other (shake that) becomes a blur
Be my mistress, I'll be your sir

I love her the way she is
the way she are, my shooting star
and I pray that you never change
Never ever change
Just stay the same cuz

I love just who you are
I ain't gon try to change ya
You are a shootin star
Thats why you are my favorite

Look up in the sky
It's a bird it's a plane
Nah baby girl
thats a shooting star with your name
I ain't gonna lie
I've told a lot of lies and played a lot of games
But with you it's not the same
For you, Im'ma ride
I want you by my side
I feel like them ghetto boys (She's playin' with my mind)
Im'ma tell you one more time (She's playin' with my mind, my mind-my mind...)
For you Im'ma grind
You were there through the pain
You stood right by me
thanks to you I survived
I guess it's true what they say
Love is blind

We together til the day that we die
Until death do us apart
Baby you my heart

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