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Исполнитель: Nneka

Композиция: confession (Live)

Длительность mp3: 06:32

Добавлено: 2017-03-18

Просмотры: 319


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Текст песни:

This is my confession
I tried so many times to oppress him
Now I decided to explode and let my heart speak its ache
Now I've done all my weak body can fulfill I leave it up to him, and still I know that my anxiousness and my truthfulness
Can't be paid back with his Love X2
I leave it up to him, leave it up
Still I know, that my feelings are for no use

He's a player not yet ready to behave mature
A man who makes a child still not able to see his future
He's good in deceiving
He's good for love torture
Inspite of my contemplation
I still can't get him captured

A man I thought is just like
Someone I could give myself to completely...No
It's so painful to accept the fact that he's rejected me
I've done so many things to make me believe life is possible without him
Still I always console myself, I...I
And I see the symptoms of my love (for him) on my skin


I tried to get him out, outta my head
It worked out, I deceiving myself, forgot my dignity, he sucked away my happiness in learning new things and made me think I love someone else
No it was self-defense so
Do me no harm, please let me go
Do me no harm, please let me fly
Do me no harm, please let me fly...AH

I gave him wings to let him fly
I let him go so I could grow
Now that I know this love is gone, I...I
I give him wings to let him fly

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