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Исполнитель: Nick Urata

Композиция: I Cried Like a Silly Boy

Длительность mp3: 03:27

Добавлено: 2015-08-11

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Текст песни:

OST Я люблю тебя, Филлип Моррис

He wrote you letters,
And I couldn't care,
'Cause I know you didn't,
You know you didn't,
Still he ran those fingers through your hair,
and he kissed you,
When you let him.
Brailian sea amaes me.

You wrote me letters
I didn't read.
I know I didn't,
You know I didn't,
Still I caressed you
sang you to sleep.
sometimes I told you you were beautiful.
Brailian sea amaes me.

The day I left you,
Got on the bus.
I knew I'd see you,
You knew I'd see you,
Still you cried, and now I know why.
ain't it too bad?
I loved you so much
Brailian sea amaes me

Клип I Cried Like a Silly Boy - Nick Urata (Devotchka)
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