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Исполнитель: Jesus Culture

Композиция: Holy

Длительность mp3: 09:56

Добавлено: 2016-05-11

Просмотры: 404


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Текст песни:

Dm Gm F Am7 :

Here we are God come before the throne of grace,
Here we are God come before the mercy seat...

I can see the lightnings I can feel the thunder
I can hear the voices proceeding from Your throne...

Dm7 Gm
1. Twenty four elders bowing down
F Am7
Casting down the crowns of gold
Dm7 Gm
And four living creatures crying out
F Am7
Day and night, night and day

Dm7 Gm
And only one word comes to mind
F Am-6 :
There's only one word to describe

Dm Gm F Am7 :
Holy! Holy! Lord God Almighty!


Dm9 Gm/D F/D Am7 : 2x

Dm9 Gm/D
There is no one like You,
F/D Am11 :
You are Holy, Holy!

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