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Исполнитель: Foo Fighters

Композиция: Learn To Fly

Длительность mp3: 03:57

Добавлено: 2015-12-11

Просмотры: 192


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Текст песни:

Verse 1
Run and tell all of the angels.
This could take all night.
Think I'll need a devil to help me get things
Hook me up a new evolution.
Cause this one is alive.
Saddle man left in a washer last one died,
died, died.

Looking to the sky to save him.
Looking for a sign of light.
Looking for something to help me burnout
Looking for a complication.
Looking for some time to try.
Make my way beack home where I'll learn to

Verse 2
Thing I'm dying ness in a patience.
We could wait one night.
Give me all of wave you give me one last try.
We live happily ever trapped in future save my
Run and tell the angels everythings alllllrighttttt


Fly, make my way back home where I'll learn
to fly

Verse 3
Back home wuth me I can't quite make it
alone. Try to make this lifet time

(Chorus) X2

Make my way back home where I'll learn to
fly. X2

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