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Исполнитель: Девушки Эквестрии

Композиция: Странный мир

Длительность mp3: 01:13

Добавлено: 2016-01-11

Просмотры: 237


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Текст песни:

I've never seen a place
That's quite like this
Everything is turning 'round
This crazy world is upside-down
Getting on my feet
It's the hand that I was dealt
But I don't have much time with them
Got to learn all that I can
They don't use any magic, fly with any wings
I don't get these funny clothes, skinny legs or tiny nose
Everything's confusing when it seems so new
But I look a little closer and it starts to feel familiar too
What a strange new world
I'm trying to make heads or tails
Of this strange new world
Sorting through the small details of a strange new world
What a strange new world.

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