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Исполнитель: Carbon Airways

Композиция: Black Sun

Длительность mp3: 03:25

Добавлено: 2016-11-29

Просмотры: 379


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Текст песни:

You'll be on my side
Something's burning my way
I would kill for you
No way to trap your game

I was so faithful, i wanna tear your lies
My fever's rising... Torn inside

This is the noise.. i break the future
Emotional.. I nearly died
I'll strip away, i'm tired of violence

This is the noise.. i break the future
I can predict what drives you on
Floating out to wonderland,
Be back to frame you
What you get erasure
Troubles on the line

We run on and on
Fingers and triggers
Catch you on your knees
Still i remain calm

My precious you ran into luck.

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