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Исполнитель: Black Milk

Композиция: Shut It Down

Длительность mp3: 03:59

Добавлено: 2015-12-11

Просмотры: 315


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Текст песни:

"Nothing's gonna stop, nothing's gonna stop, nothing's gonna stop me"

Cuz the sound's so amazing, amazing
Like the sound of the voice of Marvin Gaye
Singing a song of choice I'm saying
Niggas still find a way to hate the plate you was making
Cuz the beats is dangerous, and the rhymes is crazy
And my flow is on that new age shit
So I'm like, damn how can they hate this
But niggas still can't relate like two kids that ain't kin
But I know the flow it can't be stopped
Maybe not, burnt Cajun flaming hot shit
Niggas start laying like ? with they face to the floor
And prayin', hoping I don't make shit
They shake when my feet start pacing the floor
From back and forth anticipating
My next line, this torture, scorchin' ya faces
That might be a quote in the source pages

"Nothing's gonna stop, nothing's gonna stop, nothing's gonna stop me"

Hook: Ahk
Come and fuck with your mans, blaze up the gas, cups in your hands
Going for the crown it's the world renowned
Came thru the door and we SHUT SHIT DOWN (2X)

"Nothing's gonna stop, nothing's gonna stop, nothing's gonna stop me"

The backseat driven, the Black beat riffin'
They all rap, but when it's Black it seem different
They call back-up, niggas need they teams wit ‘em
We nod back and can't move my teams pivot(?)
Stack the green then I throw it in a the pot
Stay flyer then the witches broom floating in the sky
Going to the top like a ballon that's floating outside
And your hand can't grab the string tied to it
Rhymes congruent, yeah I still rhyme fluent
Just because I do beats, niggas thought I might lose it
Nope, I'm still tight to it
Like two dykes with strap-ons tied to them
Hell yeah I got something to prove, and I might prove it
I need five mics and my money tight Jewish
Money like white women last name Stewart, but
First name Martha, I make money off ya
You can't stop me

"Nothing's gonna stop, nothing's gonna stop, nothing's gonna stop me"


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